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Ever wondered why a beautiful woman is almost always out of your reach? Why a normal looking guy has a beautiful girlfriend and the handsome hunk is single? Do you think beautiful girls will not accept your proposal because you are not good looking, short heighted, not rich or because of other reasons?

Have you ever wondered why you look at a woman and develop feelings for her? And why is it that she looks at you, meets you and still does not feel the same for you? If you have all these questions in mind, we have the answers for all of them.

Before we answer your questions and clear your doubts, you must develop a positive feeling in your heart and mind about how good you look and how easily you can have any girl in your life. Once you start believing in this, you may begin reading the rest of the article.

So let’s begin by analyzing how men and women think. It is said that men think from mind and women from heart. To some extent this is true. But when it comes to dating, attraction is different for men and women. We can say that men like what they see and women like what can never be seen but only felt. So when you see a beautiful girl, you start liking her, start admiring her beautiful long legs, her eyes, her perfect figure but when she ignores you, you feel you are physically not attractive to have such a beautiful girl in your life. The fact is that women believe in the personality of a man. They do not go by how tall you are or how rich you are but how good is your personality, how good is your sense of humour. Ofcourse money and looks do matter for females but not to the extent it matters for men.

Your qualities judge whether or not the woman will be sexually aroused by you. Women get turned on when they like the personality traits of men. Show your intelligence, your sense of humour, your spontaneity and your strength – she will without any doubt fall for you. To sustain her attraction for you, you must maintain the same behavior.

So what we learn here is that it is possible for you to have any girl in your life through your personality traits. While men get attracted to women physically by just looking at them, women take time and get attracted to men through interaction. How should be your interaction with women,

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Dating on Facebook - Five Tips for Men

Facebook has emerged as a very powerful tool that lets you connect with friends and unknown people too. These days men have taken to Facebook to find girls. All those who can’t find girls in real world, switch to Facebook as it is almost like a huge world where you can find plenty of girls to date. 

However, it is not easy to make a girl talk to you on Facebook simply because your friend request can be declined and there is also an option to not let you contact the same girl again. Challenging, isn’t it?
So what can you do to date successfully on Facebook? Here are a few tips.
Do not go just by looks: It is true that looks matter but if you go for girls who look extra-ordinary beautiful, chances are that they will reject you. Start with average looking girls. You need to know the girl and her personality. Just looks are not everything in the dating world.
Also when you see the profile picture of the girl, you must be prepared to get something different from what appears on screen. This means that the profile picture can be fake or just one of the few good pictures she has and in reality she looks different. Do not make an image of her in your mind because that hurts later. Have the right motivation to move on which means that think about the good characteristics of the girl and nothing about how she looks, even if she is hot.
Avoid using cheap pick up lines and asking personal questions: Before you, many other guys must have tried to approach this girl. So she knows the tricks and tactics of men. To look different from the crowd, you must use some different strategy. Do not use the same cheap pick up lines used by men on almost all girls. Think creatively and come up with a unique mail or message that prompts her to know more about you.
Also when you get on talking terms with her, avoid asking personal questions and getting into details. Do not ask how many men she has dated or the exact address of her residence. Do not intimidate her by such questions. Have general talks through chat on Facebook. Ask about her day, or why did she post a particular status message.
Try to find out common interests: Some of her interests will be revealed by her profile and some you can ask her through chat. See what all you have in common. If both of you like playing badminton, you can invite her to join you for a match in the sports club. Similar interests also ensure good friendship because you can have lots of fun while doing same activities together.
Do not try to talk to multiple girls at the same time: It is good to try luck with different girls but it is wise to not try to contact too many girls at the same time. When you chat with a lot of girls, you tend to mix up their qualities and interests. This can cost you a great relationship. Also, Facebook shows your connection and mutual friends. So one girl in your list may also be friends with some other girl you are pursuing. Why take the risk? Enjoy dating one girl at a time.
Do not try to find meaning in everything she posts: Whether good or bad, positive or negative, do not over-analyze her status messages, her comments or anything she does on Facebook. Just remain neutral and do not think about them or relate them with yourself. It may weaken your confidence level and you may lose a girl too due to false suspicion.
Have a Purpose: What is your purpose of dating? If it is just to show off, then you are not on the right track. Always have a positive purpose for everything you do. Dating is fun if you take it in the right spirit. Dating gives you a chance to get introduced to someone new, learn something from her and also get exposed to so many things you didn’t know till you met her. Do not try to take advantage of anyone while dating. You may have fun but the other will suffer.
Facebook is an interesting platform for dating and even though there are limitations, there are people dating successfully on Facebook, some of them have even become couples. 

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Tips For Impressing An Indian Girl

Indian girls are a unique breed and when it comes to impressing them, you need to invest an extra thought in your approach. The trick is to become the centre of her attention without actually letting her know it.

It may take some time to impress an Indian girl, but with some patience, it is certainly possible. Read on to gain an insight into the art of wooing Indian girls.

1. Be Confident & Smart

You can apply this tip for impressing almost any girl. Girls are naturally more attracted to men who are confident. Being confident does not mean being boastful. It simply means that you are comfortable with yourself and sure of your abilities. Having a confident attitude will also convey to the girl that she can depend on you. Believe it or not, but girls do look for these qualities in men.

2. Impress Her Friends

This tends to have an indirect but amplified effect on the girl. By impressing her friends you can trigger a chain reaction which will eventually cause your dream girl to be impressed with you. You do not have to invest an effort to impress each one of her friends, but just her closest friends. Girls form their opinion of men by talking and discussing with their friends. If you are able to impress a girl’s friends, then you are half way through impressing her.

3. Be Caring & Loving

You can’t expect to impress a girl until you set yourself apart from her other friends. You don’t need to be flashy, but rather, be distinctively caring for the girl. Make your woman feel that you genuinely care for her and can take pains to be there for her. This whole process is gradual and it may take some time before the girl actually notices that she is important to you.

4. Be Naughty Sometimes

One of the age old ways of impressing women, being chivalrous can very well cast a good impression on a girl. Though this is one of the basic things while dealing with women, it is certainly very important. Indian women have a high regard for men who respect them. Simple and trivial things like opening the door for her, pulling out chairs, and getting the bill can make a special place for you in the heart of your girl.

5. Cultivate a Talent & Personality

Girls definitely have a special place for men who have a creative talent. A talent can easily help you to stand out from everybody, in her eyes. However, you need to ensure that you are actually good with your talent or it will probably count for naught. Playing the guitar or any other musical instrument is among the conventional talents of men that appeal to women. You can also try your hand at poetry or sketching to come off as a little eccentric.

6. Make an Impression on Her Family

This tip holds good especially in India. Impressing the family of a girl will automatically make way for impressing the girl. If you have found the ‘one’, then this pointer can come in really handy for you. You can show off your good values and abilities to impress the family of the girl.

7. Show off your Intellectual Side

You can certainly make a lasting impression on a girl if you are intellectual. Indian girls have a predilection for men who have a rich intellectual side, especially from the perspective of viability of a long term relationship. However, do observe precaution that while showing off your intellectual side; you do not come off as nerdy or mundane.

8. Don’t Come off as Desperate & Have Patients

One of the worst things you can do while trying to impress a girl is coming off as a desperate people-pleaser. Always remember that you need to be subtle in your approach or all of your efforts will go in absolute vain. It is important to show your good attributes, but do not try too hard to make them apparent.

9. Work on Your Appearance & Sex Appeal

Looking good is apparently a prerequisite for impressing a girl. If you are not too sure about your fashion sense, then you can always consult a friend who has a good taste in clothes. You also need to take into account that it is not just your clothes that make up your appearance. You are also required to groom yourself so that you are counted among suave and cultured men.

10. Take an Interest in Her & Give More Attention

Women like men who can lend a ear to them. A good listener is one of the qualities women look for in their potential partners. You can also hone yourself better to her liking if you have an insight into her likes and dislikes. By taking a genuine interest in her, you can also convey that you care for her and respect her views, opinions and interests.

11. Compliment Her

A girl will always appreciate some genuine compliments towards her. But you do need to steer clear of the obvious applauses that she probably gets from everybody. Notice the little qualities she has and appreciate them so that she knows that she is in your radar. However, the age old compliments about beauty and looks also work on most girls if you make sure they are genuine.

Indian women are not that hard to please; it’s just that they take a little longer to please. All you need to be is consistent, yet a little subtle in your efforts to please the girl. However, do ensure that you are investing your efforts for the right girl.